Latest Spamshots

  • According to a Craigslist listing, the seller's name is Gary from the Golden Valley area of Mojave County, AZ. He's trying to sell a 2005 Chevrolet SSR (VIN: 1GCES14H95B118534) with a whopping 300,995 miles on it for $10,000. Does anyone else thinks this is ridiculous?

  • This company is a scam. Here's how their business model works:

    1) They find merchandise that are heavily discounted elsewhere.

    2) They list it on eBay for a higher price, which is how they make money.

    The problem is when an item gets sold out, since now they can't sell it anymore. This is what happened in my case.

    They did eventually refund my money back to me, but buyer beware: If it's listed on their eBay page or website, rest assured that it's available elsewhere CHEAPER!!! ;)

  • This is an Apple voice phishing scam, per recent TechCrunch article.

  • This was a sales call from a real person regarding a logo special that I got at the office. I told the person that I'm not interested, and immediately hung up.

  • This was a Medicare robocall that I got at the office the other day.

  • The caller is a typical Craigslist lowballer. He offered me $80 for an item that I listed for $125.

  • When I answered the phone, it was a Spanish robocall.

  • Spam number.

  • One of the usual 858-373-xxxx spam numbers.

  • Automated message about Google Plus.